Plain Paratha

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Description :

A1 brings you delicious frozen plain parathas, enjoy a fluffy texture, delightful golden color, and delectable taste. From the freezer to the dining table within minutes. Prepared from flat unleavened bread with layers of flour dough and then griddle-fried.


  • Cook Time - 2 Minutes
  • Fry for best results.
  • Remove plastic layers from the Plain Paratha.
  • Preheat a frying pan, add a little butter or oil and place A1 Plain Paratha.
  • Let it cook for 2 minutes on low flame and flip it every 30 seconds. Gently rotate and press it until it turns golden brown.
  • Your A1 Plain Paratha is served.

A1 Frozen Plain Parathas go with most meals, commonly Serve With either vegetables or fried meat wrapped within. It’s also served with breakfast dipped in butter or alongside omelets. 

Whole wheat flour, ghee, and salt.

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