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Save the day by shopping frozen food online from the A-1 online store to serve your guests fresh and quick without any hassle of going to the kitchen to cook from scratch. Buy frozen food online and get it delivered to your doorstep. We will do your frozen food delivery with responsibility.


Among the plethora of products A1 has to offer, we produce a range of best frozen items as well. In order to appeal to the unique taste and spicy cuisine preferences of Pakistanis, A1 produces a range of frozen items such as Parathas, Fried Items, Vegetables, and Fruits, that you can buy online. To add a tasty & healthy extension your tea-time delicacies, we inspect each item before shifting it for further processing. We also provide essential packages where you can buy a whole range of frozen in a single package and at a discounted price.


Consistent Quality


Once ready, our frozen foods are stored in special containers that maintain freshness over extended periods of time. We make sure that our products are wrapped with the same freshness until it reaches your mouth to satisfy your instant cravings. Ensuring the rich and consistent taste in every bite, every household, and every community is our duty.

Cocktail Samosa

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frozen samosa online

Chatpata Samosa

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Punjabi Aloo Samosa

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Vegg Spring Roll

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Vegg Spring Roll

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Plain Paratha

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Plain Paratha

Whole Wheat Paratha

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Aloo Paratha

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Halwa Puri Cholay

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halwa Puri

Okra Cut

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Green Chilli

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Green Peas

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