Kheer is one of the 10 most loved desserts in Pakistan


Kheer is one of the 10 most loved desserts in Pakistan

Sweets and desserts are loved all around the world but in Pakistan the love for desserts is exceptional. Read to find out which are the 10 most loved desserts in Pakistan.

Whether it be a family gathering, wedding, festival or any event at all, you will always be served with a sweet dish right after the meal and we, Pakistanis, have our own traditional desserts to satisfy our sweet tooth. One of these desserts is Kheer, having rice and milk as the main ingredients. You would be surprised by its popularity because of its unique taste. It is flavored with cardamom, saffron, raisins, pistachios cashews, or almonds.

Kheer is available with a little variation all around the world. The type of Kheer eaten in Iran, Azerbaijan, Afghanistan is known as fire which is also eaten among the Muslim communities of India and Bangladesh. While in Pakistan, the commercially popular variety is also fine and another is Rabri Kheer. It is sold in markets and offered to serve by caterers in the event, festivals etc. This is why Kheer is one of the 10 most loved desserts in Pakistan.

Other 9 desserts besides kheer that is loved by Pakistanis are depicted below:

Gajar Ka Halwa:

Gajar ka Halwa is a dessert that Pakistani’s take delight in eating during winter. It is made out of grated carrots and milk. The grated carrots are placed in a pot with cream and are constantly stirred, sugar is added to it after the carrots are half done. When it’s completely cooked it is served with garnished almonds and pistachio.


Zarda is a traditional sub-continental dessert made by boiling rice in orange color, milk, and sugar. Often in Pakistan, it’s not just cooked in orange but many people even cook it in multi-colors that are added to the rice to make them more appealing. Zarda tops all the desserts when it comes to being the most popular dessert served at weddings and other occasions.